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We offer beautiful office fit outs for businesses that occupy small & medium-sized offices located in Canberra. 

We offer cost-effective and inspiring finished spaces that will make your team enjoy working from the office.

More than just Canberra  office Fitout specialists, we have teams dedicated to small-medium office fitouts, bar & shop fitouts, medical, laboratory & dental office fitouts,  government & education refurbishments and a home office fitout team. 

Move a step closer to your new office today by scheduling a  consultation with one of our office fit-outs design experts.


Office Fitout Canberra

Many workplaces fail to recruit, retain, or motivate employees to be more innovative and productive. Investing in a commercial office fit-out is a great long-term investment that will help your company and staff flourish. Small and medium-sized enterprises, on the other hand, must still be cost-conscious about how and where they invest.

Office Fitouts

Our team transforms office spaces from dull & poorly optimized areas to warm and productive offices.

We pride ourselves on our earned reputation for completing projects within schedule and at a friendly budget all while offering Premium Commercial Office Fitouts.

Make-Good Projects

You can return your office to an acceptable condition under the terms of your lease agreement without spending much.  Plus you have the added comfort of knowing that you will not need to forgo large security deposits. We offer an effective and fast make-good service so you can focus on your new office your about to move into.

Office Furniture Fitout

Allow us to source office furniture that reflects your brand and effortlessly  compliments your new office.

We get better prices for sofas, chairs, desks, and other furniture with our buying power than you would likely get them. 

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A White-Glove Office Refurbishment All The Way To Your New Office

Inspiration & Design


We invest in our employees by hiring the best commercial interior designers who have won awards for what they do. Let it be known that award winning designs do not have to come at inflated prices. 

Our designers start the process by getting an idea for what is important to you and your business from both a design, and function stand point.

Project Manage & Create


One of the main focuses of our office fit-out services in Canberra, is project management to provide a solution for all supervision-related problems.

Having an exceptional management team and proven processes are big reasons why we can take a lot of the stress away from our clients throughout the entire process.  

Move In & Flourish


Now that the process is complete, all that’s left, is for you to move into your modern office fit out. Expect excellent space utilization, natural lights, functioning technology, and office furniture that improves your new office design and productivity. And dont be surprised to see your staff’s morale, attendance, productive to tick up.

Chat with our team to explore your new office possibilities


We start with an exploratory discussion around your current office’s challenges and shortcomings.

If you have ideas for your new office we’d love to hear them at this stage.


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Client Testimonials

“My team was just overwhelmed when they visited our new-look office. They can’t wait to return to a regular day at the office after a longtime working remotely due to the pandemic.”

Will Thinson

“The transformation is remarkable. Our office does not look like it even in the same building as our office pre-refurbishment. “

Jeff Dow

“These guys are new office fitout pros for sure! We planned to improve our new office before moving in, and this proved to be a solid investment that the C-suite is happy about.”

Bob Brenner

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Some of Our Past Office Fitout Clients


Small Office Fit Outs Canberra

We offer a more thorough and experienced small office fit-out service than any other firm in Canberra. Small office fit-outs services have been our core focus, and since our inception our interior designers and project managers have worked hard to build a stellar reputation within this office fitout segment.  

Making good use of a small office space is hard. So it’s key you trust your new small office layout and design to designers who specialize in the field. 

Smart storage solutions, the right paint color, and a well-thought-out layout will do wonders for the cramped space you have.

If you operate a small to medium-sized office, speak with our small office fit-out contractors and designers for a consultation to find our what can be done with your space.


Health & Medical Office Refurbishment

Bland and boring building and office spaces, especially when it comes to medical and health facilities, are no longer tolerated by paying patients and guests. People’s standards have quite simply elevated. 

Medical offices need to offer a modern and professional without the clinical feel and smell usually associated with hospitals

There are numerous features that your clients and patients would expect and like to experience when they visit your office. Attract and retain your paying clients by entertaining them with a more modern and practical facility.  

bar | Retail

Canberra Bar Fitouts | Canberra Retail Store Fitouts

Most local bars and retail stores operate with thin margins. This fact is not lost on us so we are pros and delivering stylish and well thought out bar and retail fitouts on a budget for business all over Canberra.

Our fitout expert will make sure that your commercial fit will really capture the essence you want to present with a brilliant design plan that utilizes the right furniture & colors that will offer a great experience to your customers.

Even with modest budgets, our dedicated retail shop and bar fit-outs teams will create beautiful retail stores and bars that will delight your costumes and have them glad to visit again.

We'd Love To Discuss Your New Office Ideas

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 Dental Office Fit-outs

Dental office fit-outs are a super fast growing  part of our business here in Canberra, primarily because dentists understand their patients’ want to be seen in nice surroundings. A dated dental office reflects poorly on any dentist, no matter how great they are at their craft.

There isn’t a need for a massive change in your current work place, all it needs is a fitout design that works for you and your patients.

Public Sector

Government & Education

Public Sector employees and students perform at their best when they work and learn in warm, digitally connected and comfortable spaces.

Our reliable team of Canberra office fit-out professionals have completed accolade earning school and and public facility fit-outs.

We know how to do Canberra school fitouts with the smallest of disruptions. We know you don’t underestimate the value of this, so neither do we.  


Laboratory Fitouts

Those who work in a laboratory know the value of having everything in the right place.  Not just any fitout company understands the importance of a well planned laboratory  – we have a team focused on laboratory refurbishments. Get in touch with this team today to talk through your new laboratory needs.


Industrial & Commercial Make-Good Projects

Warehouses, factories, and storage facilities can be made more productive by paying close attention to their designs and layouts. As a result, the ROI per square meter of floor space is higher.

And if it’s a make-good project  your business is in need of, we have a specialist Canberra team who will get your office and industrial properties back to their pre move-in condition in a fast and cost-effective manner.



Home Office Fitouts

We do home office and study fitout projects all over Canberra. And because we made our reputation as small office fitouts specialists these competencies translate well into the home office fitout space. 

There are a lot of similarities in the planning and design phases, furthermore a lot of the challenges are shared between home and small office fitouts.


What is an office fit out?

The process of preparing an interior space for occupation is referred to as fit out. In other words, the tenant who is leasing the space from the developer or landlord is responsible for the electrical, mechanical, decorating, and furnishing.

How long does an office fit out take?

In four weeks, a conventional open plan 200 square meter facility with one conference room and standard finishes may be built. In 8-10 weeks, a 2000m2 space with offices and high-end finishing may be constructed.

Will you offer progress reports?

Yes, we are proud to say that we have a great management team that will keep an eye on the construction and furnishing process for you as well as give you periodical progress reports to let you know if there are any delays or significant changes to be made.

How much does an office fit out cost? Do you offer a free quote?

Costs of a typical office fit out If you’re going into a new, open-plan office and want an attractive and functional space (without the extras), expect to pay between $600 and $800 per m2 (excluding GST).

How may we best reach you?

You can give us a call at (03) 9917 3713 and our people would be happy to speak with you so we can collaborate to make the workstation of your dreams come to life.

Why recommend a commercial fit out company?

Not only does the correct fitout give your facilities a facelift, but it also boosts employee productivity. Your office can represent the direction you want your company to go, and your workers may perform better and more efficiently in a more comfortable, safe environment.

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Let’s Create Your Perfect Office

 We have team of architects and designers who are highly specialized in their respective fields. Whether we’re talking about  small to medium sized office refurbishments, large corporate office spaces, bar and retail fit outs, home office fitouts and even medical and laboratory refurbishments.


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